Domestic and Sexual Violence Personal Stories V

*The stories of suffering and courage come to us, as one might expect, quite rough with mispellings, etc.  We do a bit of clean-up for ease of reading, but we in no way change the details!*

Hello my name is Jen.  I'm writing this while I'm laying on my mother's couch my sons laying in my lap screaming for daddy while I'm laying here with a broken collar bone. 

He swore he wouldn't do it again and I was naive enough to believe it.  It started a month ago when he assaulted me at work and I got granted the restraining order.  He went to jail for one whole day...

The restraining order was broken as soon as he got out.  I waited to tell because it was just texts and everyone said it would be ok.  It wasn't two weeks later I'm sitting on my couch with my sister and our children he busts in the door the first thing he does is steals our phone so I can't call for help.

Two of the children are up screaming in the corner one is mine and my attacker's child.  He's screaming stop don't do it daddy.  I try to run I make it to the porch. He picks me up by my throat and throws me on the ground like a bag of trash.

I'm blacked out at this point.  I wake up being drug in the house by my arm.  At this point I notice my collar bone is broken.  He grabs me by my arm again and somehow I manage to punch him and knock him down and get to safety.

Hopefully this time he don't get out because I believe if my sister wasn't there I wouldn't be walking away with just a broken collar bone.  He was on the run for 24 hours and in that time he came back to my house twice and contacted all of my friends and me. 

Girls never let them break a restraining order even if it's just a text because it may be you lying here with broken dreams and bones .

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