Domestic and Sexual Violence Personal Stories IV

*The stories of suffering and courage come to us, as one might expect, quite rough with mispellings, etc.  We do a bit of clean-up for ease of reading, but we in no way change the details!*

After a failed relationship with my 2 year old son's father, i decided to move interstate and start a fresh. 

It took me about 18months to find an affordable place that had 2 bedrooms and a garden. I had made a few friendships and one lady that i had met set me up with her brother.. He would always talk about how much he loved children and wanted a family to protect. It wasnt long before me and my son fell for him.  I wanted someone to look after us.  Little did i know when i asked him to move in that he would be the one i would need protection from.

The first time he lost his temper i wasn't that scared just confused about why he was angry about something so little (i can't even remember now.)

It was the second time he lost his temper that i realized he was 2 different people.  My son was being naughty before bed.  I was really frustrated.  After awhile he finally went to sleep and when i came out of the room he told me he made me a drink and to go sit up at the table. 

I told him no thanks and walked to go sit on the couch and out of nowhere i felt a blow to the back of my head.  I dropped to the ground but he picked me up and put me on the couch.  I was totally in shock. My head was hurting.  It was the middle of summer and i was confused about what had just happened and the fact that he was closing all the windows made me scared of what was about to happen.  He pushed my head into the pillow and while I tried so hard to breathe, he raped me. I  layed awake all night next to the monster, sore and in shock.

He never went to work that day nor any other day after that he probably knew i would leave and go tell the police that was 6 months ago. 

On monday the 27th of june he drove out to the bush and screamed at me and my son to get out of the car.  I was terrified, i was shaking, and I actually thought this was my day to die.

I tried to fight him at first but i could feel the hair ripping from my head and it was easier to just go with him.  As soon as he got me out I got thrown to the ground he started kicking me in the head at first then the ribs.  I remember looking at my son screaming and crying.  And then, by my hair, he swung me in the creek.  He sceamed out that he was going to drown me and everytime I tried to get out he would kick or push me back under. 

After about 15 minutes i heard a car coming.  He told me to hide.  I climbed up the bank and grabbed Jackson I started following him into the bush but as the car got closer and he got further away I ran toward the car waving it down. 

I'm now in a women's refuge until he gets found and charged.

Although my confidence has been beaten out of me, my hair has been pulled from my head leaving bald patches, i have broken ribs and haven't been back to my house since I'm finally free from this violent monster and although things are really hard right now and I have to start all over again I'm just glad that I'm free.

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