Domestic and Sexual Violence Personal Stories III

*The stories of suffering and courage come to us, as one might expect, quite rough with mispellings, etc.  We do a bit of clean-up for ease of reading, but we in no way change the details!*

July 5, 2010 around 1 or 2 in the morning shots was fired and woman laid in a pool of blood. There were those that helped her and she was given CPR.  A few moments later an ambulance came and she was rushed to the hospital...fight for her life... no one knew the result. 

Back at the accident scene her mother was called to come to the hospital to check on her daughter.  No certain future, not result, or answers to the long years to come...

Living through Domestic Violence and Life after.


9 years earlier is when we first met in February 1992. There was an instant attraction. He was nice sweet and charming. He did have a temper but, it was never toward me, it would be toward other people who were a threat to him or his family. 

One night we had a disagreement and he broke out my window.  I was so shocked at first I said the silly thing I could have ?I would rather you hit me than my Property.  Big mistake. He took than to heart and that is when the as they the HONEYMOON stage was over.

My first hit at first it was just a graze across my cheek, at first I was so, upset and hurt I didn?t know how to act, respond or anything. The first thing he told me ?I?ll never do it again. That was just the start of the hitting. Few months later, I do not what I had did but he dragged me out of my car, dragged me on the ground, than punched me in the face and I never knew why I had gotten hit. 

Then came the cheating and mental abuse along with the physical abuse.  And Ican never forget how controlling he was; he never wanted me to do anything ANY THING EVER!  He didn?t anyone to take up my time but him even when I had children. He did not want me to give them more attention than him. 

He wanted me to push everyone out of my life so he could treat me like any thing.

Nothing I did was ever good enough NEVER.  Until that fateful day when it all ended, God brought me out of his web. It took me going down to nothing getting shot and almost killed to see him for what he was a MONSTER!

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