About Us

Nancy and Julie

Broken to Beautiful is an outreach of Roses and Teacups," Your Pathway to Beautiful Moments."

The sale of our China Jewelry and China Angel Ornaments helps us to fund this program.

Broken to Beautiful began when the owners of Roses and Teacups, Nancy Guenther and Julie Wilson, fell in love with angel ornaments and jewelry made from pieces of broken china.

They believe that the phrase, "Broken to Beautiful," was an inspired phrase leading them to compare the transformation of broken china into creations of beauty to the transformation of women who are mentally, physically, and spiritually broken into the creations they were meant to be.

Both Nancy and Julie feel passionately about helping other women, and both of them are familiar with the pain of domestic violence.

We would love to receive the following from you:

Your stories, Your poetry, Your resources, Your words of encouragement for other women, Your questions, Your comments!

Please note that unless you tell us otherwise, we will assume that we have permission to publish what you send us on our site... anonymously, of course!

We are working on publishing many resources both for immediate and long-term help for women in crisis.  

Please do NOT use our email for crisis communications, as (regretfully!) we cannot assist you in that capacity.

Julie and Nancy can be contacted at: